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RYA Essential Navigation

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This course is a basic introduction to navigation and safety for anyone new to boating: sailors, power boaters, sea anglers, divers and boat masters.

Also useful for experienced dinghy and keel boat sailors and inshore racers.

Spend a relaxed 2 days in our spacious classroom with one of our friendly instructors who will guide you through all you need to enhance your boating knowledge. The course covers charts and publications, safety, buoyage, tidal awareness, basic navigation and pilotage, rules of the road, electronic navigation, anchoring, weather forecasts, and passage planning.

The aim at the end of the course is to get you to a level where you have a basic awareness and understanding of navigation and safety.

Once you have completed your theory we have a full range of practical courses available.

Course material supplied by the school and included in the price Training Charts and exercise book.


  • Lined A 4 note pad
  • 2B Pencil for chart
  • Eraser
  • Ball point Pen
  • Plotter and dividers (available to purchase from our school)

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Should you require more information or if you would like to book this course, please do not hesitate to get in touch.