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Basic Seamanship & Boat Handling

Upcoming Course Dates:

Online via Zoom:

Tuesday 11th June 16.30-20.00

Wednesday 12th June 16.30-20.00

Thursday 13th June 16.30-20.00

Friday 14th June 16.30-20.00

Saturday 15th June 2.5 hr Practical in the morning

Basic Seamanship & Boat Handling – also known as the local Transport Malta Nautical licence

Nautical Licence requirements & limitations:

Minimum Age: 18
Vessel Length & Power: Can crew any vessel under twenty-four metres of length, to be driven for pleasure, or tow any person for the purpose of water skiing.

Operating Limits: Within the territorial waters of Malta.

Minimum Training required: Completion of an approved training course followed by an oral and practical examination.
Course Content: Course content is to be based on a minimum of 24 hours tuition covering both classroom and practical training (seamanship and boat handling). Practical boat handling session is mandatory for students.

Price: €200 + €40 Transport Malta Exam fee

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