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We’re finally back on our boats!

After the whole island endured a very difficult period, we’re pleased to announce that we are finally allowed back out where we belong: with our esteemed guests on our boats, doing what we do best.

And even though there were many positive aspects of being locked down for a while, we can’t deny the fact that we’ve missed it. We’ve missed the smiles of our students, the laughter of our crew members and that sparkle in the eye of a new learner.

A pause from reality

Being indoors for a while makes you think about the things you might take for granted on a day to day basis, and while our brave little island did not fare as badly as many other European nations, this period was enough to make many of us re fall back in love with the fundamentals in life…

One of our fundamentals at Prosailing Malta is the sea, which has thrived in mankind’s absence. We’ve been lucky enough to be treated to dolphins venturing far into to Grand Harbour, and air pollution on the island fell up to 70% less during the first week alone.

The sea, at last, welcomed us back, and we couldn’t wait to welcome people on board. Naturally, all safety measures set by our governing bodies are respected, and our passengers and students are aware that we must stick to this new code of conduct.

Just as eager as we were to set sail, our students also got in touch over the period and we would like to extend our gratitude for the positive messages we have received during the tough period. In times like these, it is comforting to know that people can stick together, a rule of thumb which is vital while out at sea.

Our Chief Instructor Robert also got to spend more time with his young family, something which most workers struggle to do due to demanding schedules. That time is precious especially as the cliche goes, they grow up so fast!

Our boats stayed in the sea, but we still kept our eye on them, tweaking things for more comfort. We used the opportunity to spoil them further, and now we feel they are primed and ready for a summer of activity. These boats will have missed the crew and students most so they will welcome you all back with arms wide open. A vessel should be out at sea, and they are eager to get at taste of the open winds once more.

At this point in time, we are always keeping a close eye on any developments from the health minister, as we need to always make sure we respect the rules and put no one at risk.

In this job, we are the lucky ones as our office is a boat in the sea, but despite this the stresses of life can still be felt. We all had the unique opportunity to slow down, and now our crew is rested and ready to feel the wind and taste the salt of the Mediterranean Sea once more.

As usual, should you have any enquiries feel free to get in touch, by emailing [email protected]. We also encourage you to contact us on Facebook if you prefer, through the page Prosailing Malta or on WhatsApp on +356 9988 4477.

Happy Sailing Everybody!

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