Cancelling your summer holiday this year? No worries we have you covered!

Prosailing Malta are here to help you plan your perfect mini break for you and all your family. Come and spend two days with us (or more!), on board a sailing yacht and discover the beautiful, blue, sea water in a safe environment for your family. Together with a fully qualified RYA instructor, we will be taking you to stunning bays for you to have a cool dip, snorkel and relax whilst introducing you to the intriguing world of sailing. This is the perfect introduction to sailing for complete beginners. At the end of the two days, you will have experienced helming a yacht, sail handling, some fun ropework and also be aware of safety on board. We will also be presenting you with an official RYA ‘Start Yachting’ Certificate at the end of the 2 days!

The sailing boat you will be on is a Beneteau Oceanis 411 or 393, both maintained to highest standards, and are berthed in Pieta. Depending on the weather conditions on the day, we typically start off at 09.30 and will be finishing at 16.30 the following day, giving you ample quality time with your loved ones, visiting favourite spots such as The Blue Lagoon in Comino, St Paul’s Island’s, Selmun or Mellieha. We will also be providing lunch on both days, together with dinner in the evening for all the family (we cater for all dietary requirements).

You can leave your worries behind on land, as our boats are completely cleaned and sanitized after each charter, whilst of course providing fresh and clean linen and towels for each family. We are confident that we can ensure your boating vacation is as safe as possible both for you and all your family.

We have also special family friendly packages, to ensure no one gets left behind:

Price for 2 adults 1 kid: €900

Price for 2 adults 2 kids: €960

Price for 2 adults + 3 kids: €980

This includes 2 days (1 night) on the boat from 9.30am till 4.30pm the next day, accommodation, fresh linen, 1 towel each, 2 lunches + 1 dinner per person, tea, coffee and drinking water. (NO alcohol allowed on board). Subject to our availability. Different packages also available, kindly get in touch on +356 9988 4477 or email us on [email protected] for further info.

Happy sailing!

We’re finally back on our boats!

After the whole island endured a very difficult period, we’re pleased to announce that we are finally allowed back out where we belong: with our esteemed guests on our boats, doing what we do best.

And even though there were many positive aspects of being locked down for a while, we can’t deny the fact that we’ve missed it. We’ve missed the smiles of our students, the laughter of our crew members and that sparkle in the eye of a new learner.

A pause from reality

Being indoors for a while makes you think about the things you might take for granted on a day to day basis, and while our brave little island did not fare as badly as many other European nations, this period was enough to make many of us re fall back in love with the fundamentals in life…

One of our fundamentals at Prosailing Malta is the sea, which has thrived in mankind’s absence. We’ve been lucky enough to be treated to dolphins venturing far into to Grand Harbour, and air pollution on the island fell up to 70% less during the first week alone.

The sea, at last, welcomed us back, and we couldn’t wait to welcome people on board. Naturally, all safety measures set by our governing bodies are respected, and our passengers and students are aware that we must stick to this new code of conduct.

Just as eager as we were to set sail, our students also got in touch over the period and we would like to extend our gratitude for the positive messages we have received during the tough period. In times like these, it is comforting to know that people can stick together, a rule of thumb which is vital while out at sea.

Our Chief Instructor Robert also got to spend more time with his young family, something which most workers struggle to do due to demanding schedules. That time is precious especially as the cliche goes, they grow up so fast!

Our boats stayed in the sea, but we still kept our eye on them, tweaking things for more comfort. We used the opportunity to spoil them further, and now we feel they are primed and ready for a summer of activity. These boats will have missed the crew and students most so they will welcome you all back with arms wide open. A vessel should be out at sea, and they are eager to get at taste of the open winds once more.

At this point in time, we are always keeping a close eye on any developments from the health minister, as we need to always make sure we respect the rules and put no one at risk.

In this job, we are the lucky ones as our office is a boat in the sea, but despite this the stresses of life can still be felt. We all had the unique opportunity to slow down, and now our crew is rested and ready to feel the wind and taste the salt of the Mediterranean Sea once more.

As usual, should you have any enquiries feel free to get in touch, by emailing [email protected]. We also encourage you to contact us on Facebook if you prefer, through the page Prosailing Malta or on WhatsApp on +356 9988 4477.

Happy Sailing Everybody!

Maintenance Time!

If you currently have some free time on your hands, take this as an opportunity to do some maintenance on your own boat. All our boats require some TLC, and if you are ready to get your hands dirty here are some tips and what we were up to!

While sailing you’ll always come up with new solutions, fixes and ideas to optimize your day at sea, and Dovecote has always undergone proper and regular maintenance to ensure she is always at peak performance for our students.

This year we got her up on the hard in December, and our main focus is on her engine: a 54 HP diesel Yanmar. A quick break down is that it’s a 4 cylinder, 8 valve, 4 stroke engine with a direct shaft, aided by a Kanzaki gearbox, with more on that further down.

We cannot stress the importance of thorough engine maintenance as it is a huge element of health and safety while out at sea and trust us, you never want an engine failure out there.

Some things are easy, your regular small fixes which you can all do. Like when you check and change the oil of your car, be sure to use the same habit on your boat’s engine.

The impeller

We recommended to always change the impeller and keeping a spare on board. This 15-minute task is easy to memorize, and you should always keep a good toolbox on board to go through this little fix.

In short, the impeller pumps in cold water to cool down your engine. This tiny but mighty piece is a vital part of your engine as overheating can cause severe damage to your inboard or outboard motors. Inspect this part regularly to check for worn-out vanes or general wear or cracks which may occur as you run your engine.

Other things to keep an eye out on are your timing belts and alternator belts. With the right tools, these are cheap, and easy to fix, meaning no excuses! You might hear a whistling sound as they wear, and just as you do so, get ready to have it changed… but if you do not hear that sound, a quick visual inspection for cracks and worn teeth does the trick too.

Dovecote’s beating heart

From minor fixes to major changes

Dovecote this December underwent some major work with two full overhauls complete. We overhauled the gearbox and can’t wait to see the effects of that and while doing that job also overhauled the engine manifold.

We dismantled the entire gearbox and inspqected each part, cog, gasket or nut for damage. When doing so we also inspected the housing to check for cracks or dents or other unwanted signs of wear and tear. We checked each cog in detail to ensure they will function as if one fails it can lead to a very costly gearbox breakdown.

While getting greasy we also serviced the injectors to ensure she fires up when needed. Fuel Injectors can become jammed or gummed up, especially if low-grade fuel is being used. This can be catastrophic to your engine as it will not be able to deliver fuel to the required zones. You should change these depending on how many miles your engine has run, so check your own instructor’s manual and follow it properly… as the last thing you want is for your injector to fail or to be sending less fuel to the engine.

Time to clean the injectors

With Dovecote laid up on the hard it was also time to sander her hull down and give her a fresh coat of anti-fouling, a process we will detail in a separate blog post.

Packing your toolbox

While stocking your boat ensure you have a fully equipped toolbox for you to be able to do the odd jobs while out at sea, or for you to be able to deal with emergencies. Quick fixes are a regular part of boating, so never be stuck short of tools. Here are the essentials you will need to pack.

  1. Pliers
  2. Duct tape
  3. Screwdriver, and bits
  4. A set of wrenches, ensuring they fit your engine’s nuts and bolts
  5. Good cable ties
  6. Flashlight or marine light
  7. Spark plugs
  8. Impeller
  9. Scissors
  10. Socket set
  11. Extra drain plugs
  12. A Multi-tool
  13. A sharp knife and a blade

Where necessary, keep spares handy, and lots of spare batteries for your torch. We have also seen chargeable torches which use USB connectors, and these can be handy! If you are using your tools near the sea, you can also tie a floaty key chain to them so that not all is lost if your hand slips.

We also store a lot of extra ropes, as you simply never know! Yours might tear at the wrong moment, or you might need to tow a fellow sailor back to shore. Inspect the ropes regularly, and stow them away nicely, to save time when in an emergency.

This year flew by!

We simply can’t believe what a fantastic year its been at Prosailing Malta. 2019 was off the charts, with new records, new students, great courses and even a brand new addition to our growing family. Robert welcomed a baby daughter into his family! Hannah is already keen to learn the ropes – another new addition to the nautical family.

We have a new boat!

As Prosailing Malta grows and grows we added a super new boat to the fleet so we can continue to grow and certify more sailors and boatsmen alike. She’s a Beneteau Oceanis 393 from 2002 and performs in a similar way to our other Oceanis, Dovecote. She’s got three cabins and is equipped with two heads and makes a good training vessel.

The Oceanis 393 is designed by naval architects Jean Berret and Olivier Racopeau, and this build blends together two worlds: comfort and sail-ability. The overall height of the vessel is comfortable, space inside is ample, and the cockpit too feels large, providing you with entertaining space and good enough reach for your lines and winches.

Beneteau sum it up: “The Oceanis 393 is a real concentration of the art of living on a cruise.  With healthy behaviour and easy manoeuvring, the Oceanis Clipper 393 is well-suited to sailing with a small crew. The symbol of this new Oceanis generation is designed exclusively for your sailing pleasure.”

The idea of having another sailing boat in time for a massive 2020 is both exciting and challenging but this gives Prosailing Malta more flexibility in its course offerings, charters on the low season and this way we can keep up with the high demand, while not compromising on quality. Both boats are known for being intuitive to learn, and both are maintained to the highest standards, ready to assist you in getting certified. We’ve run new lines, and will also be taking them on the hard to do the necessary hull work, keeping them nice, clean and streamlined. Both vessels passed inspections this year, making us very proud and happy in the knowledge that we operate at such high standards of quality.

Robert’s summary

Robert summed up the year: “2019 has been a very successful year so far with RYA Day Skipper courses and Competent Crew courses running every week, with demand for more. In 2020 will have 2 boats running nearly each week to keep up with demand and can’t wait to get started already”

He’s happy, he’s excited but as most of us are at this time of the year, a little sentimental too. A new addition to his family means a bundle of joy, energy and love and something extremely fun to go back home to after each day of hard work.

The business is growing, and when you think back to the humble beginnings of Prosailing Malta, we can all agree to raise a glass in a toast to Robert, and his growing family.

To make matters even better the reviews from our clients have been coming in, and it is extremely pleasurable to receive positive feedback from everyone that steps onto our boats. We have a 4.9 rating on our Facebook page, where even our cooking gets mentioned in a positive light – which is brilliant as we know the devil is in the detail and we keep going the extra nautical mile for our clients.

Thank you for joining our epic adventure in 2019 and we look forward to more of your support and good vibes as we cruise into what will be a busy but productive 2020. We’ve got more courses for you and will have more students than ever before which will mean more smiles, laughter and more certified sailors and boatsmen. As we look ahead to 2020, setting our New Year resolutions will be fun, as we vow to continue to maintain our standards, and continue to be safe out at sea. We will create more and more memories, and we already can’t wait to get the ball rolling.

You can get in touch about bookings by emailing [email protected] and keep up to date on our website, where we keep you abreast of the latest news, and all the latest courses available. With three vessels out at sea, Fabio and Rob will cater for your every nautical desire with as much positive energy the sea can give us.

Stuck on a gift this Chistmas?

We had local honors at the Rolex Middle Sea Race this year as Maltese boat Elusive 2 took the overall leadership in what was a very challenging 2019 edition. The overall winners crossed the line at 16:45 on Thursday 24th October to win the 40th edition of the Rolex Middle Sea Race.

It had been five years since we last saw a Maltese winner, as this notoriously competitive race has been dominated by winners coming from overseas. The crew of 10 was skippered by family members Aaron, Christoph, and Maya Podesta, with David Anastasi, Gareth Grech, Ben Pace Lehner, Andrea Crocella, Tom Zammit Tabona, Adrian Stone, Magnus Everskog complementing them.

The Podesta family has been an ever-present force in the race, with Arthur Podesta, somewhat of a local race legend, taking part in the very first edition back in 1968, and in fact was crowned winner together with 6 other sailors when they placed first with sailing yacht Josian. Arthur Podesta went on to win another 2 races, on board Tikka in 1970 and in 1983 with Saudade.

George David’s Rambler managed a fifth successive line honor, and this year’s largest competitor continues to hunt down the 2007 race record set by David himself, that of 47 hours and 55 minutes and three seconds… which stands for at least another year!

The start of the Rolex Middle Sea race seen from Senglea, as the medium-sized vessels navigated through tricky, near dead winds heading out of the Grand Harbour.

Sailing for Christmas

Where sailing is usually pictured in summer, under the blue skies and beating sun, the Christmas period can get you prepared for an amazing 2020. We’ve got a host of courses available for booking for 2020, and we think it might make the perfect Christmas present!

We often catch ourselves thinking “What am I going to buy him for Christmas… he’s got everything”.

The solution is to start a new hobby or fulfill a long-term ambition and give them the gift of sailing! Our Transport Malta Nautical Licence course is a firm favorite amongst our clients, but we offer plenty more.

If you feel your friend lacks experience, we can get him or her started from scratch with these courses

  • Start Yachting – Two days
  • Start Motor Cruising – One day
  • The Competent Crew sailing course lasts five fun-filled days

These short courses will ignite a fire in their belly and make them fall in love with life at sea but if you feel they already earned their sea legs then we have optimal courses for people who just need more experience out at sea.

  • The Day Skipper Practical Sail also lasts five days

The Day Skipper course is held on board a Beneteau Oceanis 411 and the skillset learned is phenomenal over the five days.

Sharpen your pilotage, navigation, seamanship and boat handling skills to a competent level on the vessel you prefer, a sailing boat or a motor cruiser. The minimum age of certification is 16 years old and group work will be required, so you will also be able to know how to deal with other people on board your vessel – an underated but vital skill!

Give them the gift of the wind this season.

Of course, we have a choice of several courses to pick from, depending on experience and requirement so it would be pleasure to talk to you about your requirements. Our Chief Instructor Rob is full of good ideas and is an excellent course teacher and sailor. We can take you or your loved one all the way from Start Yachting to RYA Yachtmaster level using the trusted RYA syllabus. More than 250,000 people use our accreditation system worldwide on a yearly basis, with tailor-made courses allowing you to grow into the sport at your own pace and budget.

If you are unsure about how your friend would fare out at sea then you can easily book us in for a charter, which can serve as the ultimate pre-course teaser, whetting their appetite for more days out at sea – and who knows, they can follow the great example of the Podesta family and end up taking part in Malta’s most spectacular racing event, the Rolex Middle Sea Race.

Preparing for the Rolex Middle Sea Race

October is a special month in the sailing calendar. All sailors have circled out the 17th and already can’t wait to see the amazing fleet in the Grand Harbour as yachts of all sizes gather on the start line for the prestigious and challenging Rolex Middle Sea Race.

The race, a permanent fixture in our calendar since 1968 attracts racers from across the globe who hope to lift the beautifully designed and coveted trophy, shaped in the form of a Maltese Bastion. The long list of winners nail their place in sailing folklore, and for those who don’t cross first, the experience will still be one of their favourites.

The starting line for the race could not possibly be more iconic. All boats start in front of Lower Barrakka in Valletta and beneath Birgu’s Fort St Angelo, Valletta and will circumnavigate the island of Sicily, before looping around Lampedusa as they arch back home to Malta. The challenge thickens as all the crews have to cram through the narrow straits of Messina, then head northbound towards the Aeolian Islands and the charming but active volcano of Stromboli. It is then Westward to the Egadi Islands before looping around Lampedusa and heading homeward.

The challenging circuit of the Rolex Middle Sea Race. Image credit:

Different classes sail off at different times and the starting day is truly spectacular as you will witness the finest racers the world has to offer, along with their brave crews.

The race was first run in 1968, and is one of the world’s most beautiful races due to the stunning location and mostly good weather on course. Up to 68 yachts have taken part, a record which was set in 2006.

Some brave, or mad, sailors even complete the course double-handed which is an amazing achievement seeing as all the demanding workload must be spread between two keen crew members.

Boat Preparation

Each participant must know his or her boat perfectly and it must be prepared to maximise performance. We’re not just talking about having a smooth and clean hull, but each and every nook, cranny, nut and bolt must be checked vigorously before the race.

The sails must be checked well, and the tell tales need to be visible to aid you as you seek to slice through the air. All the lights must be checked as the night sections of the race can be quite demanding. Your lines must be organised to perfection, as stowing these properly can save you minutes and also reduce your stress levels. The boat might look a mess right after race day ends, but it is worth it. Keeping all passageways clear will help on the day and reducing the movement on board will also reduce chaos, and keep the boat in an optimised position.

Any mistake out at sea can cost you and you need to get the best out of your vessel. Crews must travel extremely lightly and equipment must remain as dry as possible in order to not carry more kilos.

Racing tactics will come to play and each navigator must know the route perfectly and knowing where to cut corners or to find faster winds can be the difference between first in class or last. Many sleepless nights await before race day and visualising each day out at sea will give the sailor an edge.

Even when it is your turn for a quick break, choosing where to sit and relax is key as your weight distribution can optimise the vessel when heeling.

Typically all your safety equipment must be perfected before the race, and the usual basics are important. Jackstays, safety lines, safety jackets, overalls, waterproof shoes and a sun cap and sunglasses are considered vital to racers. A handheld VHS can also come in handy as you might need to communicate with the race officials at any stage. It is also recommended to check your lifelines – as the name implies, they can save your life.

Seeing as our mobile phones often fall victims to our hobbies, it is worth taking a floating lifeproof cover on board too.

Our top tips

  • Plan ahead, way ahead of schedule
  • Make sure everything works: Sails, winches, pulleys, electronics, lifelines etc.
  • Try out your system. Never enter race day with unfamiliar equipment.
  • Keep your crew informed of everything
  • Get local knowledge.
  • Talk to sailors who have competed in the race.
  • Keep the hull shiny clean and polished before the race, even if it means pulling up some months ahead.
  • Practice practice practice
  • Keep calm
  • Keep a chilled bottle of Champagne in the fridge, and some victory cigars.

Keeping track of the race

Friends and families of the brave crewmembers will be able to keep track of their sailors online using this online and mobile friendly tracker, where no doubt the refresh button will be hammered as the excitement builds.

What a summer it has been so far!

We simply can’t believe how much fun we’re having this summer. It’s been patterned with daily trips out at sea, countless of hours in the classroom learning theory and loads of barbecues and certificate celebrations!

We’ve met hundreds of new sailors and boaters who now feel more confident while at sea and even our Facebook stats are pleasing with a 4.9 rating! We’re also on Instagram as our sailing community grows, so keep tabs on our days at sea by following @Prosailingmalta.

Besides a good rating, we’ve even been lucky enough to spot dolphins as the ultimate cherry on the cake! Sometimes those early wake ups are well worth it! Have you ever seen dolphins while sailing? It’s hard to imagine a prettier sight!

To breakdown our amazing summer we are now coming close to having carried out no less than:

  • 20 Day Skipper Sail Courses
  • 6 Day Skipper Motor Courses
  • 100 RYA students
  • 100 Nautical Licences issued

Marine Radio Course 

We’ve also carried out four Radio Licence courses, each program hosting six students. The individual attention here is the key, as with such small group sizes, each student can feel relaxed enough to ask as many questions and feel as confident as possible. This course is particularly important as while entering different international ports, crystal clear communication is vital to ensure no complications take place. Being a master of your own voice at sea can be the difference between a disaster and avoiding any collisions.

Our Marine Radio (SRC) Syllabus is a one day shore based course and this course is a basic requirement for your Commercial Endorsement. Your radio, being in-built or hand-held is one of your most important safety features on your vessel and it is vital to understand the correct procedures. Following the course our students take an exam, which is split into a written section and a practical test.

Mayday Mayday – frequency 16 is the international distress frequency

You’ll learn all the local correct frequencies, distress, emergency and medical assistance procedures, making ship-to-shore telephone calls, Digital Selective Calling (CSC) using simulators, Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS), Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons and also the all-important Search and Rescue.

With Prosailing Malta you can go from a complete novice to Yachtmaster Offshore, and we follow the RYA syllabus, using external examiners to maintain a high standard of quality. You get excellent tuition, the perfect practical experience aboard the Beneteau Ocenis Clipper 411 or Rodman 900 HT (depending on your desire – sail/motor) and you will learn hundreds of new life-changing skills. The whole world opens up to you once you know how to operate a vessel, and even if your intention is not to sail the seven seas, local courses help you stay safe at sea. Our instructors are vastly experienced and are always dropping useful tips and tricks so keep your eyes and ears open as sailing knowledge is always best coming straight from the horse’s mouth.

Our beautiful Oceanis 411 has performed well so far this summer while the Rodman continues to be a firm favourite amongst boaters who wish to take their RYA Motorcruise licences. Dovecote (our Beneteau) enjoyed firm winds as the islands were blessed with strong winds coming from the south west. Surfers piled the bays of Ghajn Tuffieha and Golden Bay, while our brave sailors headed out to test themselves in good conditions. Back in May we even managed to see winds of 35 knots which was special, and thankfully we all had our waterproofs on!

While the stats are incredible, one stat in particular stands out: we’ve consumed hundreds of dishes of our amazing baked macaroni! Our chef has been busy as ever in the kitchen, and we can all agree that munching away out at sea is the perfect way to take a well deserved lunch break. At Prosailing Malta we offer a family experience, as it is indeed our chief instructor, Robert’s mother who cooks our meals, putting that magical ingredient of love in every dish served. While boating it is always important to keep things simple, so a local dish a firm favourite, together with fresh fruit, which are easy to transport on and off the boat. Often enough, yachts and boats are equipped with small galleys and smaller fridges, so our advice is to keep it simple. When cooking or preparing food out at sea, it is handy to do all the fine chopping at home, and take tinned food, which won’t go bad during a trip.

Yes… we really are always this excited when lunch is served! This time we made use of the collapsible wooden table on the Rodman 900.


I just got my Nautical Licence with Prosailing Malta!

This decision was an easy one for me. I wanted to sail and go boating, and I wanted to learn in the sun, with a polite professional at the helm of my course.

Prosailing Malta is centrally located, and the school is in a recently renovated premises. It’s an airy classroom with lots of light, Robert and his team have all the tools to make the lessons fun and easy to follow.

Learning the rules of the road is as exciting as learned a new language, and with the right techniques, you’ll memorise all the do’s and don’ts in no time.

The biggest plus for me was the fact that the course is taught in English and during the practical session all the new terminology will find its place, both on your mind and on the perfect training vessel the school provides. I still get goosebumps when I think about how cool I felt pushing the boat’s throttle lever forward.

As a keen learner I immediately tucked in to the detailed course books provided. They offer clear and concise descriptions of everything you need to know, and that little extra too.

First things first, we learned that out at sea everything is different. Vessels use colours and lights to indicate maneuvers, and since bringing boats and ships to a halt takes far longer than a car, it is vital to observe all the different laws that apply throughout the whole world. You’ll discover that having one standard method can be the difference between avoiding a collision and ruining your day.

When I say everything changes out at sea, I mean everything does! Google Maps won’t save you out there, so we learned how to use charts to detect how deep the waters are and where the hazards lie on the sea bed below. These charts can help us track our position using no technology, and can help you get assistance in case of emergency.

When such emergencies arise we learned how to stay calm and use our on board VHF system. Always make sure this is in running order and be able to reel off instructions in a clear, patterned way. It’s an international language and system, one which you need to know by heart.

Using props, our small group of avid learners was shown different buoyage systems, and now we can identify them night and day, thanks to different beacons placed on top of either one.

Knowing the buoyage system for the Mediterranean is vital.

First aid was something else we touched on, as was the importance of basic fire training. Knowledge of these things makes me feel much safer at sea and I now find myself checking each vessel I board, knowing where the hazards are, and where the first aid box and fire extinguishers are. Being a boat owner myself, I need to check the expiry dates of all my safety equipment regularly and ensure my life jackets are always where I need them to be: On my crew member’s backs.

Photo Credit: CSG Swim Gear Ltd

Learn your life jackets.

Using props, our small group of avid learners was shown different buoyage systems, and now we can identify them night and day, thanks to different beacons placed on top of either one.

The most engaging part of the course for me was the big section of ropes. You’ll quickly notice ropes and sailing go hand in hand, so best nail your most important knots. I practiced the famed bow line over fifty times a day to ensure I nailed it for my exam, and even got to tie it blindfolded and behind my back. If all else fails, that knot will come handy.

Besides the critical bow line we learned:

  • Reef knot
  • Clove hitch
  • Figure of eight
  • Sheet bend
  • Double sheet bend
  • Half hitch
  • Cleat hitch

The important Cleat Hitch in action

As a person who just loves flags, for no reason I know of, I was also intrigued by the different flagging system used. I studied the phonetic alphabet and corresponding signals  by heart, and still practice to this day. I practice by simply spelling things out and I used this Sporcle Quiz to help me


The nautical flags

Some might argue that with modern technology these signaling systems are outdated, but I always aspire to learn more and do more, and I recommend the same attitude when you sign up here.

I’m the type of learner who needs the right teacher, and Robert provided me with the right coaching style for my thirst for knowledge. This course is just the beginning for me and I am thrilled to know that at Prosailing Malta I can go all the way from my Nautical Licence to my RYA Yachtmaster Offshore.

This school uses international accreditation systems to examine all students, and the quality is of an extremely high standard. You’ll quickly realize that out at sea you need a no-risk approach, and this programme ticked all the boxes… plus I even got to make a few friends along the way.

In a short space of time you’ll feel more firm on a boat, and with confidence comes great responsibility… are you ready to change your life and master the Nautical Licence?

Get your RYA Motorcruise licence for summer

The beauty of the Maltese Archipelago is exactly as the name implies, it is a collection of islands, in the middle of the beautiful and clean Mediterranean Sea. We’ve got it all. A wonderful mix of caves, sandy and rocky beaches, inlets, coves and also deep sea for a spot of scuba diving. The sea is clean and at times so crystal clear you almost feel boats are magically hovering in thin air.

The world famous Blue Lagoon of Comino awaits you
The world famous Blue Lagoon of Comino awaits you

How lucky do you feel to be here right now? Malta to Gozo in less than 30 minutes? Yes please! With your RYA Motor Cruiser Day Skipper license in hand it’s possible to go island hopping, dropping anchor at different picturesque bays along the way. Start off with breakfast in Sliema, head to the Blue Lagoon for a spot of lunch, then perhaps venture over to Mgarr ix-Xini in Gozo for some snorkelling and a nice warm dinner. Sunsets on the westward bays of the island are unmissable, and your day trip is totally complete.

Your dream weekend gets easier with the RYA Day Skipper Motor Cruiser license as we will empower you with the skills to drive a beautiful cruiser wherever you wish. You’ll stay safe in our shores as we will also be entering into the First Aid vitals, anchoring skills, navigation regulations, ropes, signals and much more.

The Rodman 900 powering away
The Rodman 900 powering away

Here’s a basic breakdown of what you will master

  • Preparation for Sea – engine checks, stowage
  • Deck Work – anchor preparation, mooring lines, mooring, anchoring
  • Navigation – charting, steering
  • Pilotage – approaching and departing harbour
  • Meteorology – barometer, shipping forecasts
  • Rules of the Road – awareness, close-quarter maneuvering, avoiding collisions
  • Maintenance and Repair Work – common ropes, maintenance tasks
  • Engines – troubleshooting, tools, filters, belts
  • Victualling – preparing for a planned passage
  • Emergency Situations – Distress, VHF, flares, life raft deployment, towing
  • Handling under Power – different hulls, mooring, identifying winds
  • Passage-making – chart plotters and GNSS systems
  • Night Cruising – buoyage, lights

In only four days with our experienced crew and captain at Pro Sailing Malta, your new world can open up right in front of your eager eyes and we can take you from being a novice to an expert, ensuring you are confident to handle your vessel, and be the most capable skipper you can.

Taking care of your crew or visitors is also extremely important and satisfying, so each one returns home with a wide grin on their face. We often say that you must always end your day out at sea with a smile on your face, meaning you’ve ensured you pulled out all the stops to send everyone happy and content with no accidents or frowns.

At Pro Sailing Malta we always say that Preparation is the key, and we will give you the knowledge to mentally prepare yourself, and physically handle your cruiser for your dream weekend.

We’ve got limited space available on our cruiser right now, so hurry and don’t let this unique opportunity slip you by.

Why choose Malta?

Besides the gorgeous scenery and flat seas, we offer competitive prices and expert knowledge in the field. The islands offer the ideal training grounds for you, and we will tackle many different situations along the way. You’ll make friends with your fellow-crew members and create unforgettable memories of that year you decided to change your life.

The Maltese Islands have been a base for sailing and navigation since the very beginning, as our naturally protective harbours offer us the opportunity to keep our boats safe and sound during our mild winters. Local knowledge around the islands is always available as the sea is a part of everyone’s DNA here.


Four consecutive days

Basic pre-course requirements

Candidates must be aged 16 or over to take part and you need a basic knowledge of stability and buoyancy for small vessels.

We recommend that prior to taking on the course you will have already experienced 5 days at sea, covering 100 Miles. Four night hours at sea is also handy pre-course experience.

Our cruiser

We’ll train you on board our 32 ft Rodman 900.

The course is taught on board a motor cruiser of 7 meters Length of Waterline (LWL) to 15 meters (LOA).

Welcome aboard the Mammagu, here to make you seaworthy and keep you safe.

Book now to avoid delays and head over to our course page to get more details. Keep up to date on our Facebook page to see our crew members take on various challenges.

Why would I attend an RYA Day Skipper Course with Prosailing Malta?

The answer is very simple. Malta has great weather nearly all year round and the sun shines for approximately 300 days a year. Our second national language is English so communication with almost anyone on the island is easy. Flight connections are excellent, and the airport is only 15 minutes away from the Marina.

Most people appreciate that to become a safe skipper you will require some training. The scope for the RYA Day Skipper course is for anybody that wishes to gain confidence to skipper a small cruising yacht or motor boat by day in waters with which they are familiar.

During our courses at Prosailing Malta we do not always encounter fair settled weather. We also encounter strong winds, rough seas, rain and so on. We use the elements to our advantage improve the skills of our students. At times people do not realize how much there is to learn until the pass through a rough experience or nasty surprise.

RYA courses aim to give the potential Day skipper sufficient information to make informed choices about their cruising; should we sail today given this forecast? Where shall we anchor when we get there?

The recommended route is to do the training in two parts. The first covers the theory and knowledge-based training such as meteorology, navigation, pilotage techniques and collision regulations. The second is putting this theory into practice in addition to developing the practical skippering skips of crew management.

The course is delivered over 5 days for sail or four days for motor. At Prosailing Malta we use a 12.5 meter Beneteau oceanis for the RYA Day skipper sail and a 10 meter Rodman for the RYA Day skipper motor course.

All RYA Courses are conducted in English so you can rest assured that there will be no language barrier between the instructor and the students.

Visit the RYA Day Skipper Course page to see for yourself how much you can learn and above all it’s also fun. Be safe and feel confident by attending an RYA Day skipper course in Malta with Prosailing Malta. Be it power or sail we do it all.