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Get your RYA Motorcruise licence for summer

The beauty of the Maltese Archipelago is exactly as the name implies, it is a collection of islands, in the middle of the beautiful and clean Mediterranean Sea. We’ve got it all. A wonderful mix of caves, sandy and rocky beaches, inlets, coves and also deep sea for a spot of scuba diving. The sea is clean and at times so crystal clear you almost feel boats are magically hovering in thin air.

The world famous Blue Lagoon of Comino awaits you
The world famous Blue Lagoon of Comino awaits you

How lucky do you feel to be here right now? Malta to Gozo in less than 30 minutes? Yes please! With your RYA Motor Cruiser Day Skipper license in hand it’s possible to go island hopping, dropping anchor at different picturesque bays along the way. Start off with breakfast in Sliema, head to the Blue Lagoon for a spot of lunch, then perhaps venture over to Mgarr ix-Xini in Gozo for some snorkelling and a nice warm dinner. Sunsets on the westward bays of the island are unmissable, and your day trip is totally complete.

Your dream weekend gets easier with the RYA Day Skipper Motor Cruiser license as we will empower you with the skills to drive a beautiful cruiser wherever you wish. You’ll stay safe in our shores as we will also be entering into the First Aid vitals, anchoring skills, navigation regulations, ropes, signals and much more.

The Rodman 900 powering away
The Rodman 900 powering away

Here’s a basic breakdown of what you will master

  • Preparation for Sea – engine checks, stowage
  • Deck Work – anchor preparation, mooring lines, mooring, anchoring
  • Navigation – charting, steering
  • Pilotage – approaching and departing harbour
  • Meteorology – barometer, shipping forecasts
  • Rules of the Road – awareness, close-quarter maneuvering, avoiding collisions
  • Maintenance and Repair Work – common ropes, maintenance tasks
  • Engines – troubleshooting, tools, filters, belts
  • Victualling – preparing for a planned passage
  • Emergency Situations – Distress, VHF, flares, life raft deployment, towing
  • Handling under Power – different hulls, mooring, identifying winds
  • Passage-making – chart plotters and GNSS systems
  • Night Cruising – buoyage, lights

In only four days with our experienced crew and captain at Pro Sailing Malta, your new world can open up right in front of your eager eyes and we can take you from being a novice to an expert, ensuring you are confident to handle your vessel, and be the most capable skipper you can.

Taking care of your crew or visitors is also extremely important and satisfying, so each one returns home with a wide grin on their face. We often say that you must always end your day out at sea with a smile on your face, meaning you’ve ensured you pulled out all the stops to send everyone happy and content with no accidents or frowns.

At Pro Sailing Malta we always say that Preparation is the key, and we will give you the knowledge to mentally prepare yourself, and physically handle your cruiser for your dream weekend.

We’ve got limited space available on our cruiser right now, so hurry and don’t let this unique opportunity slip you by.

Why choose Malta?

Besides the gorgeous scenery and flat seas, we offer competitive prices and expert knowledge in the field. The islands offer the ideal training grounds for you, and we will tackle many different situations along the way. You’ll make friends with your fellow-crew members and create unforgettable memories of that year you decided to change your life.

The Maltese Islands have been a base for sailing and navigation since the very beginning, as our naturally protective harbours offer us the opportunity to keep our boats safe and sound during our mild winters. Local knowledge around the islands is always available as the sea is a part of everyone’s DNA here.


Four consecutive days

Basic pre-course requirements

Candidates must be aged 16 or over to take part and you need a basic knowledge of stability and buoyancy for small vessels.

We recommend that prior to taking on the course you will have already experienced 5 days at sea, covering 100 Miles. Four night hours at sea is also handy pre-course experience.

Our cruiser

We’ll train you on board our 32 ft Rodman 900.

The course is taught on board a motor cruiser of 7 meters Length of Waterline (LWL) to 15 meters (LOA).

Welcome aboard the Mammagu, here to make you seaworthy and keep you safe.

Book now to avoid delays and head over to our course page to get more details. Keep up to date on our Facebook page to see our crew members take on various challenges.

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